The history of jewellery over time is not so much an account of human vanity as a result of human societies’ evolution and human beings’ desire to create symbols and beauty.Do you want to learn more? Visit Graham Brothers Jewelers LP-Jewelry Buyer

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Time-wide jewels

There are reports that humans have been wearing jewels as personal adornment since very early times. These were originally made from materials such as shells, animal bones or teeth that were readily available in nature. People learned to work with various stones and metals over time, including gold and gems that were especially valued in jewellery. Our ancestors were extraordinarily talented jewellers, and we are still fascinated by the elegance and splendour of the old jewels, as clearly demonstrated by the interest shown in museum jewel displays or itinerary exhibits, such as the Gold of the Incas or the treasures of Egyptian tombs.

Jewels were visible indicators of prosperity, influence and social order with the use of precious metals like gold or gems like diamonds. Laws were passed at various periods, such as in the Middle Ages, as to who was permitted to wear jewels, which in itself shows the social significance attached to jewels.

In the Renaissance era, the idea of crown jewels was established where the French King, Francois 1st, proclaimed 8 fine pieces as inalienable heirlooms of French kings. Similar legislation soon laid the foundation for the treasures of the European Royal Families in other countries. So it’s almost unusual to see a woman dressed without any form of jewellery nowadays. And that’s where the pendulum, once again is beginning to swing back with a discernible return to Jewellery with less ‘bling’ and more class and made from genuinely desirable materials such as gold or silver. It only adds to its importance to be crafted and produced by an independent artisan. This jewellery was so inexpensive that it eventually became the tradition of many women to simply match or accessorise a specific clothing outfit by purchasing jewellery.