So you assume that all commercial roofers are made exactly the same, do you? That clearly isn’t the case! It’s a major investment to buy a brand new roofing system and you don’t want to employ a sketchy company to build a less than sufficient roof on your business location. The contractors could be a fly by night style of operation where today is here and tomorrow is gone. They might even put a cheap roof on your building that comes with an even cheaper warranty (or perhaps simply useless) or no guarantee at all. roofer near me¬†offers excellent info on this.
You need to retain a healthy degree of suspicion for those that give you the lowest bids when you examine companies for this reason. You need to be sure you have found the most skilled and honest roofing contractors before you spend any of your cash. You need to spend some time assessing and evaluating each contractor that concerns you in order to do this.
You need to check for the stability of the business in question to find acceptable commercial roofers. You want to understand that their company has a permanent fixed address and that they have a telephone number where they can be contacted. Call the number to see if a real live person responds or if you are answered by a voicemail message prompting you to leave your own message.
If they have a website, then take a close look at it, and most commercial roofers do so these days. In particular, check to see if it addresses how long they have been in operation somewhere on the website. You would also like to see whether a “Contact Us” page is mentioned. Their permanent address, phone number and e-mail address should be specified on this page.
To see if there are any press releases on the website that discuss any sort of recent operation, you may want to look closely. Some businesses do not very much update their websites, while others are more active and up-to-date in doing so.
Do not assume that when you inquire for evidence of insurance from a builder or the commercial roofers, you are too nosy or too imposing. This is a critical piece of data to have for you! In particular, if you have never done this before, what you need to think about are employee benefits certificates and liability coverage.