The easiest way to treat emergencies is to absolutely stop them. Before packing your luggage, try to bypass any “uh oh” moments by taking care of any lurking dental problems. Do you have a tooth that gets you in trouble? Before you are miles away, it’s best to get that tested. Visit us on Orthodontic emergency.

Even though, at departure time, you do not have any pending oral health concerns, unforeseen incidents happen. When a dental emergency strikes, no one wants their holiday cut short.

Lost/Broken Aligner – When going out of town, we suggest packaging your new and old trays. This way, you can go back to wearing your previous set before you can make it for a visit if you lose or break your Invisalign alignment trays. This helps you to sustain your progress until you can replace your aligners.

Loose brackets on your traditional or lingual braces, particularly when you’re away from home, are annoying and frustrating. You have a little time, though, before you risk getting adverse effects on your dental care. Try to make it into our office within a few days if anything happens to you, so that your orthodontic appliance can be checked and fixed.

If you’re out of town for more than a few days, here’s a little trick to relieve pain and stop more harm as a temporary remedy. Slide the loose bracket along the wire, using sterile tweezers, until it is between two teeth, then twist the bracket around and slide it back into the correct position.

Loose appliances will poke you inside the mouth and cause discomfort. Once again, we suggest testing and fixing the damaged appliance within two to three days, so no need to hurry to an orthodontist out of town. As soon as you can, just make an appointment. Try using dental wax to cover the portion that is troubling you to help prevent pain until you’re back home.

Loose wires are another common issue that we receive from patients on vacation. You do have a few days before loose wires interrupt your medication or add time to your treatment schedule, but it is not ideal. To try to bring the wire back into position, use tweezers. You should clip it just behind the last tooth to which it is tightly fastened if doing this doesn’t help. In sore places, put dental wax and make an appointment for when you return.

Poking Wire – To ease the pressure, take a pencil eraser and force the uncomfortable wire down to a more comfortable spot, or put wax on it. For assistance, call a dentist or orthodontist near you if the pain persists or the poking wire is serious, and you can’t make it into our office.

It is also important to point out that the best possible ways to avoid orthodontic emergencies are to take good care of your dental equipment, protect your teeth during sports and physical activity, and comply with a strict oral hygiene regimen.