One thing is injecting foam insulation around a drafty electrical socket, but it is quite another to inject yourself with a botulinum toxin product. Consumers need to be conscious that a great deal of risk vs. reward comes with engaging in DIY laser treatments or cosmetic injectables. In order to prescribe these therapies, customers interested in cosmetic injectable procedures should always employ a professionally qualified physician. Doctors who have completed a rigorous cosmetic injectable training program should be chosen by patients.Do you want to learn more? Visit The Aesthetic Loft

The International Association of Physicians for Esthetic Medicine (IAPAM) provides the following 4 “tips” to consumers about how to ensure that their care with esthetic medicine is both safe and successful.

Tip One: Buyer of Botox beware

Recently, there have been many reports on “botox-like” injectables from DIY, which can be bought on the internet. A woman in Texas offered a botox-like substance named “Freeze,” to customers, along with a “How-To” video, so that the botulinum toxin could be administered by consumers themselves. The red flags of this internet offering range from its unrealistically low price to its lack of awareness of the possible side effects that may follow the administration of a neurotoxin into the body.

In this case, the vendor offered “Freeze” 100 unit vial for $139, where the cost of the doctor is over $500 for a 100 unit vial of Botox Cosmetic ┬«. Similarly, she cited $169 US for a 500 unit vial for Dysport, where a 300 unit vial is sold to physicians for $475 in the US. Jeff Russell, Executive Director of IAPAM, says, “As the saying goes if its too good to be true, than it probably is,” “If you see someone selling a cosmetic injectable on the internet for a quarter of the cost to physicians, then the product is most likely counterfeit and you have no idea what is actually in it,” Russell continues.

In addition, to ensure that the vial being used is not counterfeit, look for the 3-d hologram to ensure that it is the product approved by the FDA, says Jeff Russell. BOTOX Cosmetic┬« single-use vials have a holographic film on the vial label that includes the word ‘Allergan’ inside the horizontal rainbow color lines. Rotate the vial back and forth between your fingertips under a desk lamp or fluorescent light, to see the hologram.