A dentist, also called a dental specialist, is a dental surgeon who specializes not only in the diagnosis treatment, prevention of dental disorders and diseases of the oral cavity, but also the surgical treatment of injuries and deformities of the jaw and mouth. The dentist’s surgical support team helps in giving oral healthcare services. Dentists perform various types of procedures like extracting teeth; treating gum disease; filling cavities; polishing and restoring the tooth; and other procedures through dental surgeries. Oral surgeons perform many delicate cosmetic procedures to improve the looks of the face and mouth. Most of them are involved in reconstructive surgery.Have a look at Fort Lee Dentists for more info on this.

After completing the required academic qualification and undergoing clinical training, dentists can apply for the posts of dentists with the local boards. Post-didency training for dentists also involves some extra courses in various fields like pediatrics, biomedicine, radiology, pathology, orthodontics, endodontics, periodontal surgery, public health, and environmental health. All dentists must be registered with the State Board of License or Certification and pass the qualifying exam for the field they want to practice. They must then complete the course requirements and pass the final oral exam. The post-didency training programs conducted by dental colleges or dental schools usually last between six to twelve months.

Once the dentists successfully complete their training and register with the state board, they can practice legally. The license of a dentist is granted by the General Authority of Health or Medicaid, depending on which is applicable. The General Authority of Health grants licenses based on the financial capacity of each individual and the type of dental practice he prefers. The licensing requirements vary from state to state.

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