A CBD tincture is essentially a medicinal drug made from dissolving cannabis in alcoholic alcohol. Tinctures contain various active cannabinoids for sublingually or orally consumption. The typical packaging of such a tincture typically includes a small amber bottle with an eye dropper-like device for precise dosing, and the label says “containing CBD”. CBD Tincture¬†offers excellent info on this.

In contrast to CBD oils that are derived from cannabis plants, CBD tinctures are extracted from the oil obtained from medicinal cannabis plants. It has been found that a high amount of specific lipophthalenoside (SLP) is contained in medicinal cannabis extracts, which are known as THMs. Several studies have linked high levels of SLP with the development of certain cancers. Therefore, it is believed that CBD may act as an antioxidant that protects against cancer.

In general, a CBD tincture consists of three major components: the alcohol used as a base, the CBD itself, and the carrier oil. One of the most common ways to administer such a product is to use the drops under the tongue. If one prefers to swallow the drops, then a small syringe-like cannula can be used. When using the drops under the tongue, care must be taken to avoid overdosing, and to also pay attention to the guidelines provided by a professional pharmacist.