To reduce sales time and cost, the market segment for the cap can be clearly defined. A class president, student athletic association, or related group at the school would be able to take pre-paid orders as a fund raiser by displaying a sample decorated cap. Older alumni who order the 5 panel limit on a pre-paid basis can also get the same picture.Do you want to learn more? check it out

This type of marketing can be applied to everything from a school class or sport to concerts, competitions, or any other gathering of students. The sale should be made to the students in each case, with the students’ agent serving as your sales agent in exchange for a fee.

This form of sale helps you to charge a retail price to students. This price can be measured by looking at what students pay at the mall or asking them how much they paid. By selling directly to students with a discount to the sales agent, the decorator would achieve a much higher selling price than by contacting the school administration, which does not have funds budgeted for limits and will solicit three competing offers.

To offer to parents, we must once again discover what they are interested in. Golf, fishing, hunting, team sports, patriotism, and a host of other themes are all possibilities. In the case of golf, golf caps sold in the pro shop at a public golf course will demand a high price, with the pro shop receiving half of that price as a markup. The sale price should be comparable to what is currently being paid in the pro shop. This business segment is more profitable than shirts when the net sale price earned by the decorator is multiplied by the amount of caps generated per hour. Since custom decorating that is not in the store inventory is what the group needs, group and tournament sales are the best way to get known at golf courses.