The primary purpose of an activated carbon water filter is to remove chlorine from our drinking water, which is much more important than many people know. Many scientists and medical professionals now agree that chlorine use is to blame for the historic increase in cancer cases over the last century. Browse this site listing about Is Activated Carbon Pure Carbon?

The reality is that activated carbon filters can eliminate much more chemical pollutants from your drinking water than chlorine alone, which is a good thing because there have been over 2,100 cancer-causing agents found in our water supply in addition to chlorine.

The need for a home activated carbon water filter arises from the fact that the water treatment facilities’ equipment is so dilapidated and out of date that it is almost impossible to upgrade them and make them capable of removing these chemicals from our drinking water.

The chances of these treatment facilities being gutted and re-fitted with the modern equipment that they need to effectively clean our water are extremely slim, particularly given our economy’s current state. As a result, it appears that activated carbon filters are our only choice, but they cannot guarantee us pure water on their own.

An activated carbon water filter will effectively block the majority of the chemical pollutants we encounter, but it cannot eliminate all of them. That is why a multi media block, in addition to your carbon filter, is needed. You’ll be protected from 99.99 percent of all chemical pollutants with these two filters.

Activated carbon filters and multi media blocks, on the other hand, aren’t the only safeguards you’ll need in your water purification system if you want your water to be truly clean. Biological pollutants that are resistant to the chlorination disinfection method may also be found in your drinking water.