We all know that there are a lot of real estate agents and brokers out there but does anyone really know who all of them are? The truth is, no one does because the real estate industry is a very secretive industry. There are so many things that can be hidden from view, things like how much sales commissions are, why a certain person closed a deal versus how much they closed, and even more private information that only a few people at the top can see. This means that unless you work in real estate or own your own home you are not privy to this type of information. Get the facts about Rancho Cucamonga neighborhood
The secret world of real estate agents and brokers really wasn’t revealed until several years ago when the industry began to undergo a massive overhaul due to the real estate bubble bursting. As this new wave of investors entered the market, things started to change drastically for the better. Real estate agents had to change as well because they were now becoming competitive with their clients. Because they now faced less competition they began to cut their margins to try to keep their existing client base. This meant that the quality of real estate agents and brokers became directly linked with the price they charged.
This is why we hear such rumors like “the buyer’s agent is the seller’s agent”, which is false because it is the buyer that actually contacts the agent and not the other way around. If the agent thinks that the buyer is a seller then they will give the seller a commission and if the buyer is the buyer then they will be paying the agent’s commission. In order to make a profit, the real estate agents have to buy and sell as efficiently as possible in order to keep their client base happy and not lose clients. If they do not do this then they will soon go out of business and lose any real estate investment they might have made.