A lot of times, when men or even some women decide to do stuff like installing ceramic tiles or hardwood floors, the post hardwood floor installation specifications are hardly ever taken into consideration. Before installing hardwood floors, you want to ensure that your floor is level because an un-level floor can and will trigger unwanted problems. Get the facts about Hardwood Floor Installation near me
Did you ever pull a carpet up and find concrete instead of wood beneath it? Well, welcome to the no-sub-flooring universe. To even out the floor before finally installing the new wood floor, sub flooring involves installing a layer of wood on top of the concrete. Actually, the concrete is the initial slab generally referred to as the foundation, and not all foundations are level. The entire floor could potentially sag without proper levelling of the foundation.
Many older homes will face this problem, so if your home lives for 30 to 40 years, it is recommended that you seek professional assistance with the installation of a hardwood floor. If you’ve been living in your home for more than thirty years, there’s a good chance you’re pushing yourself for sixty years, which is even more of a reason to hire a specialist to instal your hardwood floor.
In a nutshell, a professional installation of hardwood flooring needs qualified and well-trained craftsmen, especially if moving furniture is the only type of manual labour you have encountered. Often, bear in mind that, besides a hardwood floor, there are other alternatives.
When a hardwood floor is out of the question, consider laying carpets or ceramic tiles. It is said that the installation of linoleum floors is much easier to instal than sub flooring and others suggest the installation of ceramic tiles is a piece of cake on a level basis.
Take some time out to rethink what you should be doing. Instead of wasting more time and money on a craft where you have no experience seriously consider hiring a professional hardwood floor installer. It is certainly going to be worth your time. Let your fingers walk through the yellow pages or visit your favourite search engine online, and in no time, a professional installer of hardwood floors will be on his way.