It is possible to rent lighting, and lighting engineers can even be employed to instal the lighting for your event in the best way possible. Realize that more than light is needed for you. For the atmosphere that you want to create, as well as for the general security of those attending your event, you need the right light. Are you looking for a DJ rig to hire for your next party? Maybe you have a wedding or birthday and have your friend booked to play, but you don’t know what equipment to hire for the event? Read on for all the information you will need to know, even if you just want to plug an iPod into a DJ sound system to supply the music for your party. You may find more details about this at Lakeside Hire

When you hire DJ equipment for your event, the first thing you need to look at is how many people are going to attend, how big the room you are holding the event in, and how loud the DJ sound system you want. Obviously, the larger the room and the more people you play, the larger the sound system your hiring needs to be, but if you make it clear to the dj equipment hire company your hiring from that you don’t want it really loud and maybe just want the back ground music system, you could save money allotted to let the sound system hire company know that. Second, you need to think about the DJ equipment that you need for your DJ. Are they making use of CDs or vinyl? Hiring two pioneer CDJ1000s is recommended if they are using CDs Id.

I would recommend hiring two Technics 1210s if they use vinyl. You’re also going to have to hire a DJ mixer in either case, if I were to suggest one, I’d go for the Pioneer DJM1000 or the Pioneer DJM800. All of the brands listed are DJ equipment of the highest quality industry standard available for hire from any good quality sound company.