The skin care product, based on water, penetrates the skin and moisturises. It also has special properties that prevent bacteria and fungi from developing, without speeding up your skin’s ageing process! Our website provides info about the Brazillian style.

Do you know what your skin can do with preservatives? The use of preservatives in skin care, used by modern skin care firms today, does not reach the layers of the skin and therefore remains on top of the skin. The UV rays react with the preservatives when you go out into the sunlight and speed up your skin’s ageing process. And you ask yourself, why are businesses using preservatives? Well, all the healthy ingredients they put into their items will not last sitting on the shelf without preservatives. You may also be wondering if there are any free skin care items with preservatives. Yeah, there are some out there, but sadly, in order to make them last, they have to be refrigerated. The difference is that there is NO need to refrigerate this preservative free skin care device. It can be sealed for as long as three years, and unsealed for up to a year.

If you have been fascinated by this little bit of knowledge about your skin care products, here is an easy test that you can do at home to solidify how far your product really gets into your skin. Place a soda cracker in each bottle, take two clear glasses and fill one with standard tap water and one with vegetable (cooking) oil. Wait for 15 minutes and first attempt to take the cracker out of the water. What’s happening??? Mush, right, it’s mush. Go to the other glass and then remove the cracker from the oil and attempt to split it into pieces.