Without a proposal for enhanced lighting, no bathroom remodeling design is full. In the bathroom, lighting plays many purposes, from highlighting the d├ęcor to helping you achieve your regular routine of grooming and hygiene to complementing your reflection in the vanity mirror. You can both make the space feel bigger and build a spot for personal retreat by installing the necessary lighting in your bathroom.Kindly visit Greenwich Custom Cabinetry to find more information.

Here’s a look at the lighting styles that you can include in your remodeling plans for your bathroom:

Lighting mission

One of the most important types of light to use in your bathroom remodel is task lighting in a bathroom, as it gives you the requisite illumination to apply makeup, shave, shower and perform other vital tasks.

Pay extra attention to the illumination around your bathroom mirror when designing your task lighting, which is important for properly grooming and applying makeup. Placing a single light directly over the mirror, which casts false shadows on your face, is a common mistake homeowners make. Surround the mirror with vanity lights, if possible, or add sconces on either side of the mirror to produce even more light on your profile.

Place a waterproof, recessed light above the shower or tub for added task lighting.

Lighting in the Ambient

Ambient lighting is a stand-in for natural light, boosting a bathroom’s mood or atmosphere. If you are lucky enough to have a window or skylight in your bathroom, by eliminating blinds or curtains and using a thin shade or frosted glass instead, take advantage of the natural light as much as possible. You can simulate it with a lamp or chandelier on the ceiling when your bathroom lacks natural light. By concealing rope lights across the perimeter of the space behind molding that sits up to six inches below the ceiling, you can also create a subtle glow.