In the summer, many people expect to move their households. The children are out of school, the weather is better, the friends and family are more likely to join in and a good relocation campaign is more conducive to the overall mood. There are a few unique obstacles that you need to be mindful of with all the positives that surround a summer transfer. Click here for more
I answer these problems in this article and give you a few tips to make sure your summer movement goes smoothly:
1. Make bookings
Make a reservation in advance with your nearest moving business – well in advance. Since summer is the moving season, experienced moving companies are often booked months in advance. While there is normally space for last-minute reservations, you don’t want to work around the schedules of others. They will work with YOUR timetable by booking a specialist moving company well before your transfer.
2. The Heat Beat
Remain hydrated. While some cities have milder temperatures than others with heavy boxes in hand, shuffling in and out of your home will heat things up pretty quickly. Make sure you have plenty of bottled water on hand and even a plate or two of chilled fruit. Keep a big cooler loaded with these things by the door so that when they start feeling a little run down, you, friends and family can dig in. Forgo the pizza at the end of the move, and treat everyone instead to ice cream.
3. Dress the Part
In order to remain relatively cool, you want to dress light, but do not ignore protection in doing so. Flip Flops are perfect for beach jumps, but it’s a huge mistake during a move. For the transfer, you do not need to go out and buy steel toe boots, but you also do not want to expose the elements to your little piggies” and make them vulnerable to injury from a dropped box or stubbing on some hard surface as you seem to do several times during a move. Stop loose fitting clothing that tends to catch on corners and other protrusions as well. A t-shirt, jeans and shoes with a slim fit are always a safe bet.
4. Perishables and Perishables
In the summertime, the food in your fridge or freezer has a shorter life cycle outside of its frosty home. Plan your shopping and food intake well in advance, so there is little left to spoil when moving day comes. If you notice that one week before you pass, you still have a fridge packed full of steaks, fish and vegetables, throw a major neighborhood BBQ. You’ll find that when they have a full belly because of your pantry, friends and family are much more supportive of your requests to help you travel.
5. Traffic
Summertime means a larger volume of traffic. Later, the sun is out, taking people out at all hours and visitors are in town with their SUVs and car rentals clogging up the freeways. If practicable, schedule your move during the early sunrise hours or later in the evening.