In an injury situation, the right preparation can make all the difference. It can be a long and complicated legal process to sue for personal injury, and if the plaintiff is not properly prepared before setting foot in the courtroom, their case has little hope of success. Get the facts about Flagler Personal Injury Group
Preparing for a lawsuit for personal injury is not just about getting all the facts in order and organising the correct documentation. It’s just as crucial to brace yourself mentally for a trial, if not more so. However no matter how mentally prepared you are to seek justice in your case, when presented to the judge, a disorganised claim will only fall short.
Here are some helpful tips to get on the right foot to start your case.
Take Images
Take photos of the accident scene if possible, whether it’s a car crash, slip and fall, hazardous work environment, etc. Also, take images of the damage to property or the injuries sustained by you or a loved one. In personal injury cases, visual evidence can be extremely powerful evidence, especially if the trial occurs months after the accident and your injuries have healed.
Witnesses’ List
Testimony from witnesses who have seen the accident occur can be vital to support your case. Write down the names and contact information of people who have witnessed the incident so that if necessary, you or your attorney can contact them later. (You can also obtain the police report that should have the information you need if you were involved in a car accident, but forgot to take down the names of witnesses.)
Document What You Remember about the event
It can be difficult to remember exactly what happened during the incident as time progresses, especially for traumatic events like a car accident. Over time, important details may become muddled or blurred, which is why a detailed description of what took place immediately after an accident must be written down. Include the day, date and approximate time of the occurrence, as well as what happened before during and after the occurrence.