Massage Therapists are in great demand. Employment of massage therapists is predicted to grow substantially 21 percent from2019 to 2031, far faster than the average growth for other jobs. As more health care services make use of massage therapy and more people realize the advantages of this therapy, demand will continue to increase. Seattle Massage Therapists offers excellent info on this. Individuals with a graduate degree in Humanities or Social Sciences can find employment as a massage therapist, regardless of where they have their highest earned level; there are several locations where massage therapists are needed including hospitals, outpatient clinics, spas, hotels and even corporate offices.

Massage Therapists often receive some on the job training in sports medicine, physical therapy and/or rehabilitation. Those who already have some job experience in massage therapy may perform job duties in both areas and increase their knowledge while receiving increased pay. Some massage therapists also choose to open their own practices and practice privately. Massage therapist job duties range from giving massage and other body treatments, to treating injuries, helping patients overcome mental and physical barriers and assisting clients with nutrition and diet choices. Job duties also include blood pressure monitoring, wound care, cold and flu prevention and treatment, weight management, emotional and medical counseling, pain management, allergy management, sports injury prevention and treatment and more.

The growth of massage therapists has led to an increase in the number of job openings for massage therapists, but given the high turnover rate in the healthcare industry it is important that individuals thoroughly check out local job outlook data before applying for a job. Many healthcare industries, such as hospitals, home health agencies, insurance companies, law firms, real estate firms and the military require experienced massage therapists to help relieve tension and relax patients during times of stress. As healthcare occupations grow and the need for additional massage therapists grows, job opportunities will be available in many areas. Individuals interested in pursuing a career in this field should check out local healthcare staffing firms and massage therapists’ employment sites to find the ideal job location and salary level.