STAY is another command every dog is supposed to know. Building on the SIT, standing with a leash taunt next to your dog, held straight above his head. Place your open palm in front of the dog’s nose and incorporate hand signals. In order to block his forward movement, say STAY and move in front of your dog. Repeat the hand signal and the STAY command when he moves. If he stays, move back next to him, make him stay for a few seconds, praise him, and treat him. As with every dog training technique, with each training lesson, they continue to slowly increase distance increments and hold time. When training your dog to STAY, an additional element is the three D’s. Duration, distraction, and remoteness. Feel free to visit their website at Spectrum Canine Dog Training for more details.

It is important, as I just mentioned, to slowly increase the duration and distance increments, but to test your dogs’ understanding of this command, distraction must be introduced. Before the distance becomes too long, be sure to add distraction while training your dog. Common distractions would be someone with a toy coming into the training area, another dog walking by, etc.It is possible to teach the DOWN command just after SIT is mastered. It is essential that only the word DOWN is used. Your dog has no understanding of variations like Lay Down. In training your dog, you must be consistent in that DOWN only refers to laying down.

Train OFF as your command if you want to teach your dog how to get down from your chair. To teach your dog to lie down, first give him a SIT command. Train your dog into a laying position using a treat by dragging the treat between his legs and moving it forward with a treat. Praise, and treat, when the desired position is reached. When you train your dog with each new command, make sure that each command is combined so that patterns do not develop and when accomplished, the action of each different command is rewarded. (SIT DOWN STAY), (SIT STAY COME), (STAY COME) (SIT STAY DOWN)