It is devastating when your home in Utah has been flooded, and you need a Utah water damage service company to come clean up the mess. Mopping up the spills of a leaking bucket is easy, but when your entire basement or living room stands under water; that is a totally different matter.
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While a Utah water damage service provider can handle your main problem, there are several recovery procedures you can do to help speed up the recovery process.

– Avoid standing floodwater, as it could be contaminated.
– Block off the flooded area so no waste can be tracked throughout the house.
– Keep kids and pets at a safe distance.
– After a flood, do not drink or use tap water as it could be contaminated.
– Open doors, windows and cabinets for fresh air and to dry out the home. If drawers are stuck, do not pry them open, as you may cause additional damage.
– Never use matches or candles in case the gas lines are damaged.
– Wash dirty clothes, pillows, and curtains in hot water.
– Decontaminate upholstered furniture.
– Drying closed interiors with heat sources can be dangerous. You may create even more damage according to a reputable Utah water damage service firm.
– You can use electric fans and your air conditioning to accelerate the drying process.
– Remove standing water from small areas by sponging and blotting.
– Take out saturated carpets and rugs, especially when you have hardwood floors.
– Bring electronics and computers to a dry area. Blow-dry them with low-pressure air. Do not operate them until they are positively dry.
– Take anything else you can carry, like home decorations, telephones or table lamps, out of the flood zone.