Auto detailing is a high level of vehicle cleaning both inside and outside this may include shampooing, washing, waxing, polishing and even touch-up work, depending on what level of detailing you pay for and the company that provides you with the service. Auto detailing (known as car valeting in the UK and several other European countries) is meant to achieve a level of polish and cleaning that would make the vehicle suitable for a show-room floor. This type of service is great for maintenance, helping the car to retain its value and is especially useful for those preparing a vehicle for sale.If you wish to learn more about this, visit Tint World.

Auto detailing has become a large industry with many large chain companies and independent contractors alike vying for customers. Because there are so many companies and individuals offering the auto detailing service, it is important to do a little research into the companies as well as understanding the various services that they may offer to you, for your car.

Exterior detailing services are the most common ones. They provide that extra level of clean that may not be available to you normally. Specifically with automated wash services there will areas of details that are missed. Exterior detailing provides a hands on in-depth level of cleaning services that will make sure that even the smallest of areas are clean and ready to show.

A typical exterior detailing service will most likely be offered in several tiers. At the most basic level you can expect a hand wash of the entire car, including wheels, arches and door jams. This washing process is usually concluded with hand drying as well. A low-level polishing stage will often be preceded by some sort of treatment to fight built-in road grime, tar and paint splatter. After the polish is complete a sealant will be applied to help retain cleanliness and shine. Tires will receive a similar shine and non-spatter treatment. Higher levels of services will usually provide things like high-grade clearcoat polishes, as well as chrome and stainless steel cleaning and polishing.

Interior detailing may also come in tiers. With this service the difference in your prices will probably be accounted for in the form of regular or premium interior cleaning products and/or the amount of time spent doing the cleaning. Basic interior detailing services will include the inside of windows, all plastic or vinyl surfaces cleaned, spot treatments on carpet and upholstery and careful, standard leather cleaning. The next step up in services will result in more time spent on the vehicle’s interior and add the treatment and cleaning of cloth or synthetic upholstery

The highest levels of interior detailing service will use premium, brand-name cleaning products and are recommended for leather-heavy luxury vehicles, or standard vehicle that need a deeper level of cleaning (more stains, spots, or upgraded interior materials). At the highest levels the cleaning may take well more than half a day of work. The heaviest levels of cleaning are also recommended for vehicles that preparing for sale and have seen lots of children, pets or a combination thereof.