The outdoor gardens of many homeowners require the use of a number of different trees to decorate their garden and provide enough shade from the sun. To remain solid, safe and majestic, these trees need to be cared for. Ideally, at least once a year, you can get your trees pruned and cut. Nevertheless, if you have not kept your trees for many years, do not fear that it is not too late. Below is a list of four signs that it is time to employ a tree service contractor, if you are not sure when it is time to call a professional. Have a look at tree service Johns Creek.

1. Branches of tree are too long

If the branches of your tree grow too long for you to notice, it is time for the tree to be cut. If you have low hanging branches which make it hard to walk under the tree, a sure sign is. To offer you full use of your tree and its shade, these low branches can be cut off. The branches can also expand too far for your home, garage, car or electrical wires to scratch. It is really critical that you get your tree cut back in cases like this until it does serious damage to your house. Do not wait for a storm to come and cause extensive damage to your home or vehicle, or absolutely fall over.

2. The Tree Appears Fake

If you find that your tree has taken on a weird form, it’s time to call the experts to shape some of it. Your tree may begin to lean, look lopsided, or in one area it may have several branches and look very sparse in other regions. A skilled provider of tree services will help your tree establish healthy branches and restore its original form. If you find that the tree is cracked or broken, you should also call a professional. This can be difficult to fix if not handled properly, and can potentially permanently damage the tree.

3. The Tree Has Dead Twigs

It is imperative that you have certain branches removed if you find dead or broken branches on your tree. These branches are more likely to cause disease or an infestation of insects if left untreated. Disease, fungus, and decay will spread rapidly to other parts of the tree, causing the tree to eventually be killed. If not maintained, disease can also spread to other trees in your yard. You’ll have to cut the tree from your yard if the whole tree is already dead.

4. Though the Leaves, No Sun Shines

It is true that trees provide shade from the sun, which on hot summer days is wonderful. There should, however, always be some light streaming through the canopy of the branches of the tree. You should be able to see sunshine as you look up at the sky as you stand under a tree. You need to get your tree thinned out if you can’t. By ensuring that it receives enough air and sunlight to grow properly, this will keep your tree safe.